Resolve Easement Issues

Resolve Easement Issues

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Our Senior Counsel, Greg B. Emmons, Esq. is a recognized expert on Involuntary Servitudes and Easements having presented continuing education courses for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute as well as litigation achievements.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court, at Hoch v. Wartsenluft, Berks County Lower Court 17-17230, by decision June 5, 2020 at 1857 MDA 2019, AFFIRMED a successful termination of the use of a “Farmers Lane” existing for over 50 years due to any claims being defeated by prior consensual use.

Mr. Emmons has successfully, through the Pennsylvania Superior Court, established a precedent setting case on the right to relocate an easement in the case of Soderberg v. Weisel.

The most difficult challenge on claiming rights to property concern claims against the Commonwealth, public utility companies and municipalities.   Mr. Emmons recently prevailed in a claim of title due to long time usage on Borough owned property in Lackawanna County and has a pending case in Bucks County against Newtown Borough.

In addition to serving as legal counsel, Mr. Emmons is often selected as an Expert to opine as to easement and adverse possession issues.

His direct contact with Goldstein Law Partners is or 267-454-0987.

Greg B. Emmons, began his legal practice in 1978 learning trial experience for the County of Bucks. He then went into private practice becoming a partner at several regional law firms focusing on real estate, finance and business transactions and litigation.

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