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Goldstein Law Partners represents political organizations, political parties and individuals, advising on campaign finance, election day operations and all aspects of the political process.


Regulations on political activity today are myriad and complex. Traps abound for the unwary. The attorneys at Goldstein Law Partners have spent time working on the operational aspects of political campaigns as well as litigating contentious election contests at the federal, state and local level.

We have represented national political parties, statewide candidates in Pennsylvania, federal candidates in Pennsylvania as well as candidates for both houses of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly and candidates for local office.

A Few Representative Engagements:

  • Successfully represented challengers in removing from the ballot candidates with defective election petitions
  • Successfully defended election petitions to keep candidates on the ballot
  • Supervised election day operations and ballot integrity operations for numerous statewide candidates and parties
  • Worked as part of a team to defeat out of state interlopers seeking to change the result of Pennsylvania’s statewide 2016 election for President
  • Supervised inspection of election machinery
  • Coordinated the preparation and filing of campaign finance reports for statewide political action committees and candidates
  • Advised political candidates, political action committees and statewide parties on the laws governing campaign fundraising
  • Regularly teach election law to other attorneys in continuing legal education courses
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