Complex Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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Our firm handles a wide-range of negotiation and litigation matters on behalf of our clients, all informed by our deep wealth of business experience. We not just billing hours. We’re working towards a suitable outcome – the same kinds of outcomes we expect on our behalf in our businesses.

A Few Representative Engagements:

  • Lawyers from our firm successfully defended a national political party against attempted enforcement of a frivolous $20 million judgment.
  • Lawyers from our firm helped uncovered malfeasance by an ESOP owned manufacturer’s former President and pressed claims against that former President while holding off creditors, allowing the manufacturer to find its footing, save jobs and grow again.
  • Lawyers from our firm helped the principals of a traditional off-set printing company wind down the company’s affairs and avoid litigation over a seven-figure legacy pension obligation.
  • Lawyers from our firm helped a local steel firm navigate difficult financials straits while holding off creditors threatening to sue. Over time with our legal assistance, a successor to the original company thrives today with over 100 employees.
  • Lawyers from our firm represented several plaintiffs seeking to stop Pennsylvania’s Governor, General Assembly, Treasurer and Auditor General from illegally spending money outside the formal budgeting process.
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