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Nobody likes to pay legal fees for failed deals. If a deal can get done, we get it done. As business people ourselves, we don’t like to let deals linger. We’ve closed corporate transactions in a month or less from expression of interest to funding and transfer of title.

If you’re looking for help negotiating with vendors and reviewing contracts, we’ve done that.

If you’re looking for help putting together employee handbooks, we’ve done that.

If you’re looking for help negotiating a lease with your landlord, we’ve done that.

If you’re buying or selling assets, we’ve done that.

If you’re trying to build out a sales force and want help designing a compensation plan that works, we’ve done that.

A Few Representative Engagements:

  • Lawyers with our firm provided leadership and strategy to help grow an internet startup’s revenues over 1800% in three years.
  • Lawyers with our firm advised the acquiring management team of a failing multinational product company and helped develop a turnaround plan resulting in a return to profitability, revenue growth and product innovation within a year of purchase.
  • In under a month, lawyers with our firm negotiated the acquisition of a South Carolina-based manufacturing concern and relocated the company to Pennsylvania.
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