City Delays Enforcement Of Its Controversial Gun Bills

City Delays Enforcement Of Its Controversial Gun Bills

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The city of Pittsburgh is postponing enforcement of its controversial gun legislation, a move made amid multiple lawsuits surrounding the bills.

Jonathan Goldstein is an attorney involved in the NRA’s lawsuit. He says Monday’s move proves the city’s laws are unenforceable.

“It’s an illegal set of ordinances, they know they can’t be enforced, they know they don’t have the authority to do it,” Goldstein said. “And the people of Pittsburgh ought to be demanding answers from their elected officials as to why they’re engaged in this fool’s errand, wasting time, wasting money and not attending to the people’s proper business.”

Goldstein said the city should have gone through the state over these laws.

“The General Assembly has visited this topic a number of times and appears satisfied that uniform gun laws across this commonwealth are what this commonwealth wants, and what this commonwealth needs,” he said. “I think that this effort by Pittsburgh to try to change these laws in the General Assembly is what … they ought to do, but if they’re going to try to do this with local ordinances, they’re going to find themselves defeated every time.”

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