A Philadelphia attorney bought a $3,500 gun safe in response to Pa.’s new domestic abuse law

A Philadelphia attorney bought a $3,500 gun safe in response to Pa.’s new domestic abuse law

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Some attorneys say storing guns brings too much risk or is just too big of a hassle.

Jonathan Goldstein, a firearms attorney in the Philadelphia suburbs, was involved in the negotiations over Act 79. He said having an attorney available as an option could be useful if, say, a person needs to relinquish guns late on a Saturday evening.

“PFAs move at a very high velocity,” Goldstein said.

He said attorneys can be a “fast, reliable, safe, easy way to put those firearms into the hands of someone trusted and to get them out of the hands of the purported abuser.” Attorneys are sometimes given cash, documents and artwork to hold onto for clients, he said.

Goldstein said he has served as a third-party safekeeper before, although he declined to go into details of how many guns he had stored or the logistics of how he stored them, citing security concerns.

Goldstein said attorneys generally have insurance to cover malpractice claims and claims related to the care of customer property. He said gun owners often have insurance in place to protect their gun collection.

“I would say insurance is not really a big factor in the analysis,” he said.

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